What are the best payday loans

the best personal loans

There are loans designed for each client and for all needs. The easiest loans to get is payday loan from paydaychampion, whose demand has increased greatly in recent years. The lenders do not place great demands on this type of short-term loans. Nowadays, fast loans are the best way to get money right at the moment when we need it to solve a problem.

Before applying for a loan, we must inform us properly. There are many types of loans and each one has different and specific characteristics to cover the needs of certain clients. We must be sure to request the right loan to maximize the chances of receiving it. In general, the type of loan is determined by the purpose that will be given to the capital requested by the entity.

Outstanding Loans and Loans


Entity Quantity information Apply for
  NOVELTY Up to € 9000 ACCEPT ASNEF-RAI Up to € 9000 in 5 Minutes
Refund: 3-60 months.
No paperwork, 100% ONLINE
  NOVELTY Up to € 5000 INSTANT APPROVAL Refund: 6-48 months. Up to € 5000 – even Asnef No endorsement or paperwork  
  PROMO Up to € 5000 1st FREE DISPOSITION Up to € 5000 in 15 Minutes
Refund: 61 days -36 months.
  PROMO Up to € 4000 DIRECT COFIDIS Refund: 13-42 months. Up to € 4000 No Payroll / With income.  
  NEW Up to € 4000 IMMEDIATE RESPONSE Refund: 5-48 months. Up to € 4000 No endorsement or Payroll  
  NOVELTY Up to € 1000 EVEN ASNEF and RAI 1st credit up to € 1000
Refund: 62 to 90 days.
With income, without endorsement.
  NOVELTY Profitability 0.20% APR Evo Account + Card No fees or expenses Request your loan up to € 50000 Free Card (2 cards in 1)  
  NEW Up to € 40000 UNDER INTEREST From 6.34% APR Up to € 40000
Refund: 24-72 months.
No endorsement – With payroll – No asnef
  NEW Up to € 10,000 From € 500 to € 10,000 in 24 hours. Return 3-12 months.
No payroll, Car as an endorsement
You can keep using your car
  NEW Up to € 15,000 COFIDIS PROJECT From 4000 to 15,000 euros in 24 hours
To return in 72 months From 6.95% Interest
  NEW Up to € 300,000 Up to 35% real estate value in 48 hours
With Asnef, Housing as Aval
Return from 1 to 15 years.
  OUTSTANDING Up to € 50,000 UP TO € 50,000 Refund: 3-96 months. Low interest Without Commissions / With income.  
  NEW Up to € 10,000 Up to € 10,000 in 24 hours
No payroll, Car as an endorsement
Return from 3 to 24 months.

Because each entity offers different conditions for each type of loan, it is advisable to compare the offers of several of them. They can vary characteristics as the type of interest or the term of payment of remarkable form between different entities. This is a determining factor since it depends on what the loan will cost us. It is necessary to make some accounts with the data we collect to verify which is the best option.

Also, here are tips before hiring a personal loan, although it is worth comparing the personal loans of the entities that interest us. Each of these loans will have different conditions and offer different facilities to customers. This type of detail is what differentiates good offers from mediocre ones. If we find an offer that stands out from the rest and is better suited to our needs, the effort will have been worth it to a large extent.

As a final step, we must review the conditions of the loan that we are going to request and verify that we can pay the installments. Keeping up with payments is essential, as we do not want to appear on a list of defaulters. To avoid falling into default, we must be realistic about our usual income and expenses. In addition, we must bear in mind that there may be unforeseen events during the term of payment of the loans, so you always have to have a margin in the balance of income and expenses.

If you have questions, visit our loan guide where you will find information about the general characteristics and characteristics of the loans.